Curriculum Vitae



Arash Khalili Nasr




Phone: 02126209073

Cell phone: 00989123775800


Mailing address:

U10,No.73,Rahimi Street,Jordan Blvd,Tehran, Iran





2014-Present Assistant professor, Graduate School of Management ,Sharif University of Technology,Tehran,Iran




2013 ,Ph.D.,Industrial engineering department, Tarbiat Modares University , Tehran,Iran 


Thesis: Value Creation in Resource Based View


2008 , M.Sc. Industrial engineering department, Tarbiat Modares University , Tehran,Iran                                                                                                     

2005 , B.Sc. Industrial engineering department, Iran university of science and Technology(IUST) , Tehran,Iran                                                                                                                   







2008,Winning Sharif Entrepreneurship Award


2009, Getting First Rank in Ph.D. Entrance Examination among more than 1000 competitors.







Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles(international journals)


2023, An optimization model with a lagrangian relaxation algorithm for artificial internet of things-enabled sustainable circular supply chain networks (Joint with Madjid Tavana, Francisco J. Santos-Arteaga, Esmaeel Saberi, Hassan Mina)


2022, CSR marketing through social media and contextual effects on stakeholder engagement: A multinational cross-industry analysis,Published in Informations Systems frontier (Joint with Mona Rashidirad, Vignesh Yoganathan and Ashkan Salehi Sadaghiani)


2022, The manifestation of luxury value dimensions in brand engagement in self-concept,Published in Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (Joint with Nima Ostovan)


2022, Circular Economy Adoption Barriers: An Extended Fuzzy Best-Worst Method using Fuzzy DEMATEL and Supermatrix Structure, Published in Business Strategy and the Environment, (Joint with Kannan Govindan, Farzane Karimi and Hassan Mina) Q1


2022, A Multicriteria-Optimization Model for Cultural Heritage Renovation Projects and Public-Private Partnerships in the Hospitality Industry , Published in Current Issues in Tourism ,(Joint with Madjid Tavana , Abdolreza Azadmanesh and Hassan Mina), Q1


2022, A comprehensive framework for sustainable closed-loop supply chain network design,

, Journal of Cleaner Production,(Joint with Madjid Tavana , Hadi Kian, Kannan Govindan, Hassan Mina) , Q1


2021, Prioritizing adoption barriers of platforms based on blockchain technology from

balanced scorecard perspectives in healthcare industry: a structural approach Published in

International Journal of Production Research (Joint with Kannan Govindan, Mohammad Saeed Heidary, Saeede Nosrati-Abargooee and Hassan Mina),Q1


2021, A private sustainable partner selection model for green public-private

partnerships and regional economic development ,Socio-Economic Planning Sciences (Joint with Majid Tavana , Hassan Mina and Jerzy Michnik),Q1


2021, A Mathematical Programming Approach for Equitable COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution in Developing Countries , Annals of Operations Research (Joint with Majid Tavana , Kannan Govindan, Mohammad Saeed Heidary and Hassan Mina),Q1



2021, A Fuzzy Weighted Influence Non-linear Gauge System with Application to Advanced Technology Assessment at NASA , Expert Systems With Applications (Joint with Majid Tavana , Hossein Mousavi and Hassan Mina ),Q1



 2021, Medical waste management during coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak: A mathematical programming model. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 107668. ( Joint with Kannan Govindan, Parisa Mostafazadeh and Hassan Mina),Q1



2020, A Novel Fuzzy Multi-Objective Circular Supplier Selection and Order Allocation Model for Sustainable Closed-Loop Supply Chains Accepted in Journal of Cleaner Production(Joint with Majid Tavana,,Behrouz Alavi and Hassan Mina),Q1



2020, Assessment Of Barriers To Renewable Energy Development Using Stakeholders Approach,Accepted In Entrepreneurship And Sustainability Issues(Joint With Maryam Kafizadeh Kashan, Abbas Maleki  , Navid Jafari  , Hamid Hashemi),Q1




2020, An Empirical Study On Effective Factors On Adoption Of Cloud Computing in Electronic Banking: A Case Study of Iran banking sector, Accepted in International Journal Of Business Information Systems, (Joint with Alireza Alizadeh, Mehri Chehrehpak and Samaneh Zamanifard)



2019, How Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Can Affect On Short-Term And Long term Firm Performance: Evidence From The Iranian Banking System, Entrepreneurship And Sustainability Issues,Vol 7(2) ,(Joint with Saideh Alaei, Fateme Bakhshi, Farzin Rasoulyan, Hojat Tayaran and Mohammad Farahi),Q1



2018,  Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Growth and The Moderation Role of Host Country’s Financial Market,Iranian Journal Of Finance,(Joint With Ali Ahmadi)


2017, Quantitive evaluation and ranking of all Iranian companies based on CSV criteria, Iranian Journal of Management Sciences ,Vol 12 (Joint with Mohammad Saeed Aghajani and Ali Nabizadeh)


2016, Investigating The Effect of The Perceived Value of Banking Services On The Key Indicators of Consumer Behavior, Journal Of Money And Economy,Vol.11(3),(Joint With Shabnam Doosti And Sadegh Ghaderi Kangavari)









Papers Presented

2020, Generic strategy a possible mediator on the change in customer’s loyalty in case of irresponsible behavior,WCMA 2020,Leed,UK,20th January.


2020, Board Composition, Institutional Ownership, and Financial Performance: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange, WCMA 2020,Leed,UK,20th January.


2019, Female Entrepreneurship: A Gender-Based Analysis and

Comparison of Entrepreneurial Intention Enablers,16th international conference on management,Iran,6th March

2019, Efficiency of technical analysis (TA) in Tehran Stock Exchange, 16th international conference on management,Iran,6th March


2017, Quantitative Evaluation and Ranking of Iranian Companies based on Created Shareholder Value (CSV) Criteria,24th IAMB Conference ,9th October







Undergraduate courses

Inventory Planning and Control (2017-2019)

Transportation planning (2010-2011)

Computer Applications in industrial engineering (2010-2011)

Principle of marketing ,K.N.Toosi University of Technology(2014)

Statistical Process Control,IUST,(2010)

Introduction to enterprenuership,Tarbiat Modares University (2017-2019)





Graduate courses

Information Technology , Tarbiat Modares University (2014)

Strategic planning ,Sharif University of Technology(MBA),2016-2020

Strategy Execution, Sharif University of Technology(MBA),2018

Seminar in strategic Management, Sharif University of Technology(MBA),2016

Business Research Method, Sharif University of Technology (MBA,Ph.D.),2016-2020

Marketing Research ,Sharif University of Technology (MBA),2017

Operations Management, Sharif University of Technology (MBA),2021

Multi Criteria Decision Making, Sharif University of Technology (MBA),2021







2013, Translation of Contemporary Strategy Analysis(by Robert Grant) in Persian language, Aryana Publisher


2014, Translation of Corporate Entrepreneurship: How to Create a Thriving Entrepreneurial Spirit Throughout Your Company(by Robert Hisrich) ) in Persian language,Tehran University Press






2016-2018 – Head of Electronic commerce department, Sharif University of Technology

2017- Head of Sharif Strategy Office(

2021-Now - Secretary of the Faculty Council of the Graduate School of Management at Sharif University of Technology





Invited talk:

2017: Invited talk with Professor Robert Grant on Current strategic issue of Iran, Sharif University of Technology





I had been supervised for about 15 Master theses and currently I am in the process of supervising Ph.D. dissertation.





Editorial board :


Member of Editorial board at International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences


Member of Editorial board at International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems


Member of Editorial board at International Journal of Advanced Operations Management


Member of Editorial board at International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences






International reviewers of the following journals


Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services

Computer and Industrial Engineering

Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money

Tourism Management Perspective

European Journal of Industrial Engineering

Cleaner Logistics and Supply Chain

Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issue.

International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems

International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences

International Journal of Advanced Operations Management

Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management



National reviewers


Iranian journal of Management Studies :Review more than 5 papers.


Publishing Center of  Allameh Tabatabaii University:Review 1 book.