Shirin Aslani

Assistant Professor of Sharif University of Technology

(021)66022755, Office 307







Area of Expertise:

Business Analytics, Marketing Research, Dynamic pricing, Sharing Economy, Pricing



          Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, 2014, Sharif University of Technology

Visiting Scholar, 2012-2013, Charlton Business College, University of Massachusetts

            Master, 2009, Industrial Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

            Bachelor, 2007, Industrial Engineering, Sharif University of Technology                            


            Business Analytics, Marketing Research, Data Analysis and Modeling


·       Aslani, S., Sibdari, S. and Modarres, M. (2018) "Revenue management with customers’ reference price: Are the existing methods effective?", Service Science 10(2), 195-214.

·       Aslani, S., Modarres, M. and Sibdari, S. (2014) “On the fairness of airline’s ticket pricing as a result of revenue management techniques”, Journal of Air Transport Management 40: 56-64.

·       Aslani, S., Modarres, M. and Sibdari, S. (2013) “A decomposition approach in network revenue management: Special case of hotel”, Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 12(5): 451-463.

·       Modarres, M. and Aslani, S. (2010) “Joint optimization of pricing and advertisement forseasonal branded products”, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 71 :141-147

·       صریرایی، سمیرا. علوی، بابک و اصلانی، شیرین (1398). تعهد و انگیزه های کارکنان دانش محور؛ مطالعه ای بر شناسایی نیم رخ های ترکیبی. فصلنامه پژوهش های مدیریت منابع سازمانی. دوره 9 شماره 2


Working Papers

·       Alaei, S., Aslani, S., and Talebian, M., "The relative importance of the value proposition motive for customer participation in the sharing economy"

·       Lourak Agha, H., Aslani, S., Tasavori, M., and Talebian, M., "The influence of personality traits on the intention to participate in collaborative consumption"

·       Bigdellou, S., Aslani., S., and Modarres, M., " Optimal promotion planning for a product launch in the presence of word-of-mouth"