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Graduate School of Business and Economics 
Sharif University of Technology
Room 114
Phone: +98-21-6604-9195
Email: rahmati (at) 

Mohammad Hossein Rahmati

Published papers:

Rahmati, Mohammad Hossein, and Seyed Reza Yousefi. Demand estimation for the Iranian automobile industry The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 53.3 (2013): 277-284. paper

Cevik, Serhan; Mohammad Rahmati. Breaking the Curse of Sisyphus: An Empirical Analysis of Post-Conflict Economic Transitions Comparative Economic Studies, (2015), paper

Mohammad Rahmati; Hyman, David; Bernard Black; Charles Silver. Insurance Crisis or Liability Crisis? Medical Malpractice Claiming in Illinois, 1980-2010, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, (2016) paper

Hyman, David; Mohammad Rahmati; Bernard Black; Charles Silver Medical Malpractice Litigation and the Market for Plaintiff-Side Representation: Evidence from Illinois (2016), Journal of Empirical Legal Studies paper

Hyman, David A., David J. Franklyn, Calla E. Yee, and Mohammad Hossein Rahmati. Going Native: Can Consumers Recognize Native Advertising? Does it Matter? (2016), Yale Journal of Law and Technology paper

Mohammad H. Rahmati, Karimirad, Ali Subsidy and Natural Resource Curse: Evidence from Plant Level Observations, forthcoming Resources Policy, paper

Working papers:

Rahmati, Mohammad, Ali Karimirad, Seyed Ali Madanizadeh Business Cycle Accounting of Trade Barriers in a Small Open Economy (2017) paper, code, appendices

Jalali, Samin, Mohammad Rahmati, Ali Ebrahim Nejad, Price Limit Performance: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange, May 2016

Pilevari, Asal; Mohammad H. Rahmati Missing Middle or Missing R&D, December 2016

Cevik, Mr Serhan, and Mr Mohammad Rahmati. Searching for the Finance-growth Nexus in Libya. April 2016. early paper

Hyman, David; Mohammad Rahmati; Bernard Black; Charles Silver Medical Malpractice and Physician Discipline: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, 2017

Farahzadi, Shadi, Mohammad Rahmati, Female Labor Participation in Iran: A Structural Model Estimation', 2016





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