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Graduate School of Business and Economics 
Sharif University of Technology
Room 114
Phone: +98-21-6604-9195
Email: rahmati (at) 

Mohammad Hossein Rahmati

Published papers:

Rahmati, Mohammad Hossein, and Seyed Reza Yousefi. Demand estimation for the Iranian automobile industry The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 53.3 (2013): 277-284. paper

Cevik, Serhan; Mohammad Rahmati. Breaking the Curse of Sisyphus: An Empirical Analysis of Post-Conflict Economic Transitions Comparative Economic Studies, (2015), paper

Mohammad Rahmati; Hyman, David; Bernard Black; Charles Silver. Insurance Crisis or Liability Crisis? Medical Malpractice Claiming in Illinois, 1980-2010, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, (2016) paper

Hyman, David; Mohammad Rahmati; Bernard Black; Charles Silver Medical Malpractice Litigation and the Market for Plaintiff-Side Representation: Evidence from Illinois (2016), Journal of Empirical Legal Studies paper

Hyman, David A., David J. Franklyn, Calla E. Yee, and Mohammad Hossein Rahmati. Going Native: Can Consumers Recognize Native Advertising? Does it Matter? (2016), Yale Journal of Law and Technology paper

Mohammad H. Rahmati, Karimirad, Ali Subsidy and Natural Resource Curse: Evidence from Plant Level Observations, (2017), Resources Policy, paper

Mohammad Rahmati; Hyman, David; Bernard Black; Charles Silver. Insurance Screening Plaintiffs and Selecting Defendants in Medical Malpractice Litigation: Evidence from Illinois and Indiana , Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, (2018) forthcoming

Working papers:

Rahmati, Mohammad, Ali Karimirad, Seyed Ali Madanizadeh Business Cycle Accounting of Trade Barriers in a Small Open Economy (2017) paper, code

Jalali, Samin, Mohammad Rahmati, Ali Ebrahim Nejad, Price Limit Performance: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange, May 2017

Pilevari, Asal; Mohammad H. Rahmati Missing Middle or Missing R&D, June 2017, paper, slide

Cevik, Mr Serhan, and Mr Mohammad Rahmati. Searching for the Finance-growth Nexus in Libya. April 2016. early paper

Farahzadi, Shadi, Mohammad Rahmati, Female Labor Participation in Iran: A Structural Model Estimation', 2016, paper

Ghoddusi, Hamed, Nima Rafizadeh, and Mohammad H. Rahmati. Price Elasticity of Gasoline Smuggling: A Semi-Structural Estimation Approach. (2017). paper

Sorena Rahi1 Mohammad Hossein Rahmati, The Effect of Relationship Formation on Contract Duration and Performance in the Offshore Drilling Industry, (2017) paper

Ali Hojati, Mohammad H. Rahmati Miscalling Mismeasurement as Misallocation (2017) paper, code, appendix

Mohammad H. Rahmati, Mohammad Vesal,Nastaran Taheri Hosseinabadi The Externality from Communal Metering of Residential Water: The Case of Tehran (2017) paper






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