Sharif University of Technology

Graduate School of Management and Economics


Course Description

The course covers selected topics of standard mcroeconomic theory including market, preferences and utility, demand, equilibrium, supply, and technology.


Wednesday 8:00—11:00


Weekly classes for paper discussions and reviewing problem sets

Option 1: Saturday 1:30—3:00

Option 2: Wednesday   11:30—1:00



Evaluation is based on two mid-term exams, final exam, quizzes and regular problem sets. The final grade is composed of five parts: 40% for the mid-term exams, 45% for the final exam and 15% for the problem sets. An extra 5% has been considered for problem sets.



Varian, H. Intermediate Microeconomics: A Modern Approach, 8th Edition, W.W. Norton & Company, 2010

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