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Bita Mashayekhi (PhD)

Associate Professor of Accounting
Faculty of Management
University of Tehran
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Charles T. Horngren, Walter T. Harrison Jr., and M. Suzanne Oliver, (2009), Financial and Managerial Accounting


Upon completion of the course, students will have furthered their appreciation of the role and value of accounting in improving firm performance; developed their understanding and skill in financial statement preparation and analysis, as well as cost and budgetary analysis and performance measurement for management decision making, planning, control and sustainability. More specifically, the primary objectives of the course are:

Interrelationship of the Course with Other Course/s and Program/s:

Accounting for Managers is a core course within the MBA degree. Accounting acts as a control mechanism over the various functions of business e.g., finance, marketing, and production, and offers many tools in managing the external environment such as customers and suppliers. In the context of heightened business competition and sustainability, managers increasingly need to be proficient in using accounting information to monitor and control the performance of their enterprise. The foundation programme of any MBA degree would not be complete without a course on accounting fundamentals.

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