Today, technology is the essence of competition and should be managed like any other resources/assets in the firm. Management of Technology is an interdisciplinary field that bridges science, engineering, and management knowledge and practice. Managing technology implies managing the systems that enable the creation, acquisition and exploitation of technologies. For this purpose, it combines insights from different disciplines such as economics, strategy, innovation management, marketing, HRM and organizational behavior.

We, in Graduate School of Management & Economics, are focused on MOT at firm level. Since the knowledge base of industries is becoming more and more complex and the source of expertise are widely dispersed, the locus of technological innovation will be found in network rather than in individual firms. For this reason, a research center was recently established at Sharif University of Technology, entitled “Center of Research in Technology and Innovation Management in CoPS (CRiTIMiX)”. Researchers from different disciplines are working together in this research center to develop knowledge and expertise for managing innovation and technology in large companies which produce complex product or deal with complex processes and systems.


  • Strategic Management of Technology
  • Innovation Management in Network
  • NPD (New Product Development) in CoPS

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