Graduate School of Management & Economics
Sharif University of Technology

Strategic Planning (44‐161)
Fall 2010
Saturday & Monday 13:30‐15:00
Instructors:       Dr. Mohammad Reza Arasti (
Office phone: 66022757 or 66165856
Fax: 66022759

With collaboration of:  Mr. Mojtaba Lashkarbolooki (

Teaching Assistants:  Miss. Simineh Aghajanian (
Mrs. Marziyeh Rostami (

“Strategic Management is not a box of tricks or a bundle of techniques. It is
analytical thinking and commitment of resources to action.”
Peter Drucker
Course Objective & Overview
This course surveys the key issues related to strategic management. The main emphasis is on strategic planning. Course
objective is to improve the students’ knowledge and skills related to strategy formulation and its implementation in a
firm. For this purpose the following topics will be presented and discussed:
  Strategic Management Process
  Developing Business Mission and Strategic Vision
  Business Internal Analysis
  Business Environment Analysis
  Crafting Strategy (Strategy Formulation)
  Implementation and Evaluation of Strategy

Strategic Management Course Plan PDF