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GholamReza Keshavarz Haddad

Associate Professor

Graduate School of Management and Economics

Conference Presentations

  1. Haddad K. GholamReza: "ProbabilisticRevolution in the Neoclassical Theory of economics: A lecture Presented in honor of Dr. A. Madany", School of Economics , Tehran University.
  2. Haddad K. GholamReza: "The Analysis of Poverty Depth and Incidence in the Syestan and Baluchestan Province of Iran", presented in Systan and Baluchestan province development Seminar.
  3. Haddad K. GholamReza and Monireh Amirkhanloo: "Evidence on Asymmetric Information in the Iran's Automobile Insurance Market (case study of IIC)" the first international Conference on Insurance in Iran, fall 2009.
  4. Haddad K. GholamReza: "Tariff Reduction and Wage Inequality in Iran", Iran's economy 2009 conference at USC
  5. Haddad K. GholamReza and Arash Babaie: "Panel Data Stock Returns' Volatility Modeling (Case Study of Tehran Stock Exchange)", 1st International Symposium in Computational Economics and Finance (ISCEF), 2010, Sousse (Tunisia)
  6. Haddad K. GholamReza: "Gender Ratio, Divorce Rate and Intra-Household Collective Decision Process: evidence from Iranian household labor supply", Iran's economy at Chicago University, October 2010
  7. Haddad K. GholamReza: The Determinants of Child Labour and School Attendance in IRAN, Iran's economy, conference at SOAS, 2011
  8. Haddad K. GholamReza and Mehdi Omran: "Property crime participation, economic incentives and individual's social capital: Evidences from Individual data- Iran", 2011 Annual Meeting of the Asian Law and Economics Association (AsLEA), The University of Hong Kong
  9. Haddad K. GholamReza and Sepehr Abed: "Econometric modeling of world 2008 financial crisis contagion on Tehran Stock Exchange", International Conference on Banking and Finance perspectives April 2011, Eastern Mediterranean University
  10. Haddad K. GholamReza: Determinants of Child Labor and School Attendance: Evidence from Iranian Households,International Iranian Economic Association (IIEA) Inaugural - SOAS, Fall 2011.
  11. Haddad K. GholamReza: Gender Wage Gap in Iran: Urban Areas, 2013 Conference on MENA Economies to be held at the Istanbul Bilgi University, in Istanbul, Turkey, June 21 and 22.
  12. Haddad K. GholamReza: Males' wage inequality and females' propensity to marry in Iran, IIEA - Second International Conference on the Iranian Economy, University of Bilgi, Istanbul on 24th and 25th June 2013
  13. Haddad K. GholamReza: "Impact of Tariff and exchange rate regime reforms on the wages: Evidence from Iran 2001-2006 micro data". The Economic Research Forum is organizing its 20th Annual Conference, Cairo, Egypt from March 22 - 24, 2014
  14. Haddad K. GholamReza: Abstention and Unconditional Cash Transfer Effects on the Tobacco Consumption: evidence from Iran's energy subsidy reform 2010, a Dose Response approach , IIEA's fourth international conference 2016, Germany, Marburg, Philips University.