What is econometrics?

Econometrics refers to the application of economic theory, mathematics, and statistical techniques to economic data; for the purpose of testing hypotheses, and estimating and forecasting economic phenomena.

What is the scope of the course (Econometrics II)?

After Econometrics I, this course is intended to deepen the learning of students about econometrics. In particular, we will learn how to treat some special (but usually encountered) data such as time-series, panel, and qualitative ones. Continue your reading here.

What is its importance?!

The course is highly recommended for students in economics. This is because the data with which we learn to work in Econometrics II are very encountered in economic studies. For example, many research projects in financial studies include time-series data, and numerous research topics in international trade, and microeconomic or macroeconomic fields work with panel data. So, learning how to treat such data and how to develop appropriate models for is very essential. Indeed, a deep understanding in this area is vital for our success in applied economics.









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