(1995-): Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of

 Economics, Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences,

 University of Shahid Beheshti, Tehran.
(2000): Affiliated Academic Member, Graduate School

 of Management and Economics, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran



Undergraduate Courses:
 Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Public Sector Economics,

 Monetary and Fiscal Policies, Industrial Economics, Money and Banking
Graduate Courses:
 Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Monetary Economics, Exchange

 Rate Economics, Economy of Iran, MBA-Macroeconomics, MBA-




(1980-83): System Analyst, Systems Design Department, Plan and

 Budget Organisation.
(1985-89): Deputy Director, Macroeconomics Bureau, Plan and

 Budget Organization.
(1988): Responsible for macroeconometric modelling and economic

 outlook analysing during preparation of the First Five Year

 Development Plan.
(1994-): Presented sessions at the Central Bank on macro

 econometric modeling based on rational expectations, exchange rate

 determination models, government financial instability and monetary

 policy, and business cycles in the economy of Iran.
(1997-00): Economic Advisor to the Deputy of Economic Affairs of

 Plan and Budget Organisation.
(1999): Responsible for macroeconometric modelling and economic

 outlook analyzing during preparation of the Third Five Year

 Development Plan.
(1998-99): Member of the Plan Integration and Co-ordination

 Council of the Third Five-Year Development Plan.
(1998-99): Member of the Macroeconomic Policy Making Council

 during preparation of the Third Five Year Development Plan.
(1997-00): Served as reviewer of various research proposals for the

 PBO, and member of editorial board of the Journal of Planning and

(1998-99): National Programme Manager of the UNDP Public

 Management Improvement Programme for government of the Islamic

 Republic of Iran.
(2000): Advisory to the Ministry of Oil and Gas on economic analysis

 of Gas Utilization Study.
(2006-07): Responsible for preparation of the National

 Circumstances  report for the National Communication to UNFCC.