Academic Positions

Education & Training

  • Ph.D. 1995-1998

    PhD in Industrial Engineering with focus on Quality Management and Performance Measurement

    University of Liverpool, Liverpool, L69 3BX, UK

  • M.Sc. 1989-1992

    MSc in Industrial Engineering

    Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran, Iran

  • B.Sc. 1984-1989

    BSc in Industrial Engineering

    Department of Industrial Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Professional Work Experience

  • 19941992

    Director of Project Planning

    The Engineering Research Centre (Over 700 employees), Tehran, Iran

  • 19921990

    Manager of Industrial Engineering

    The Engineering Research Centre, Tehran, Iran

  • --

    Quality Management Advisor

    Jahan Wool-Knitting Pub. J.S. Co., Tehran, Iran


  •    Member of the Iranian Society of Management
  •    Member of the Association of Sharif University of Technology Graduates
  •    One of the founders of the Iranian Society for Productivity Development
  •    Member of the Iranian Society of Human Recourse Management
  •    Honoured Member of the Iranian Society for Management Consultants
  •    One of the founders of the Iranian Society of Marketing
  •    Academy of Marketing Studies (AMS), USA


  • 1997
    Quality System (ISO 9000)
    Certification on “Quality System (ISO 9000) Assessor/Lead Assessor Training Course”, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd (LRQA), London, 1997
  • -
    Software experience
    Including PERTMASTER ADVANCE (project management), MS PROJECT (project management), SPSS (statistical analysis), ENTERPRISE MODELLER (process management), QPR (Process Management)
  • 1999
    Interest Day
    A Common Interest Day organised by the EFQM, “Business Process Management”, 29th October 1999, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2000
    ISO 9000
    One day seminar organised by Institute of Quality Assurance (IQA) and IEE, “ISO 9000: 2000 – Prepare for Impact”, 23rd February 2000, London, UK
  • 2000
    Interest Day
    A Common Interest Day organised by the EFQM, “The Link between the EFQM Model and the Balanced Scorecard”, 17th March 2000, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2000
    EFQM Conference
    The Learning Edge Conference 2000 organised by the EFQM, “The Challenge of Change”, 5-7 April 2000, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 2000
    PM 2000
    Attendee and exhibitor in the Second International Conference on Performance Measurement (PM 2000), 19-21 July 2000, University of Cambridge, UK
  • 2000
    EFQM Assessor Training
    The EFQM Assessor Training, 16-17 August 2000, The EFQM Office, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2000
    ISO 9001
    Certification on “Auditor Transition Course (ISO 9001: 2000)”, National Quality Assurance (NQA), September 2000, Dunstable, UK
  • 2001
    A twenty-hour course on e-commerce by Professor Norm Archer from McMaster University, 5-9 May 2001, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
  • 2001
    A three-day workshop on Quality Function Deployment (QFD) by QFD-Institute Deutschland (Prof. G Herzwurm and Prof. W Pietsch), 27-29 August 2001, Tehran, Iran
  • 2001
    A Four-day workshop on Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) by Interstate University RUTHENIA (Prof. M.M. Zinovkina and Dr. R. Gareev), 24-27 September 2001, Tehran, Iran
  • 2002
    ISPE International Conference
    Member of International Scientific Committee for the 9th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering: Research and Application (CE 2002), Cranfield, UK
  • 2002
    EFQM Assessor Training
    Facilitator for the official EFQM Assessor Training Course and Self-Assessment Course (by Dr Mike Gallagher), 10-14 August 2002, IPHRD, Tehran, Iran
  • 2003
    One day workshop on EQA Submission Writing, 30 July 2003, EFQM, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2004
    EFQM Assessor Training
    The EFQM Assessor Training (Assessed), 4-6 February 2004, EFQM, Netherlands
  • 2004
    International Conference on Knowledge Management
    The First iKMS International Conference on Knowledge Management, 13-15 December 2004, Singapore
  • 2004
    EFQM Forum
    Participant in the EFQM Forum 2004 in Berlin, Germany
  • 2004-5
    European Quality Award
    European Quality Award (EQA) 2004 and 2005, the assessor of companies in Turkey and France respectively
  • 2007-11
    EFQM Excellence Award
    EFQM Excellence Award (EEA) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011 the Assessor of companies in Germany, Italy, Poland, Belarus and Portugal respectively
  • 2010
    EFQM Excellence Assessor
    EFQM Excellence Assessor 2010, December 2009, EFQM, Turkey

Hobbies and Personal Interests

I am interested in Football, Ski and Table Tennis. I was a member of Ski and Table Tennis Clubs at Sharif University of Technology during my BSc program. I also was a member of the Iranian 5-a-side football team (Persia) who won the Liverpool University Cup in 1996. I was a member of the faculty football team who got the first rank at the Sharif University in January 2005.