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Graduate School of Business and Economics 
Sharif University of Technology
Room 114
Phone: +98-21-6604-9195
Email: rahmati (at) 

Mohammad Hossein Rahmati


Rahmati, Mohammad Hossein, and Seyed Reza Yousefi. Demand estimation for the Iranian automobile industry The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 53.3 (2013): 277-284. Paper

Cevik, Serhan; Mohammad Rahmati. Breaking the Curse of Sisyphus: An Empirical Analysis of Post-Conflict Economic Transitions Comparative Economic Studies, (2015), paper

Hyman, David; Mohammad Rahmati; Bernard Black; Charles Silver. Insurance Crisis or Liability Crisis? Medical Malpractice Claiming in Illinois, 1980-2010 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, (2015) paper


Macroeconomics I (Ph.D.)

Sharif, Fall 2015, Syllabus

Tehran, Spring 2015, Syllabus

Sharif, Fall 2014, Syllabus

Tehran, Spring 2014, Syllabus


Econometrics (Undergrad)

Sharif, Spring 2016, Syllabus

Sharif, Fall 2014, Syllabus

Sharif, Spring 2014, Syllabus,


Real Estate Finance (MBA)

Sharif, Fall 2015

Sharif, Spring 2014


Empirical Banking (MS. Economics)

Monetary and Banking Research Institute, Spring 2014, Syllabus


Oil & Gas Finance (MBA & MS. Economics)


Sharif, Spring 2016

Sharif, Spring 2015


Energy Economics (Ms. Economics)


Sharif, Fall 2016, Syllabus